Since the early days of this proud profession—when they were the first surgeons and healers—barbers have been leaders in their community and their shops have been the hub and heart of it.

In that chair is where men are groomed, not just to look better, to be better.

Our ultimate aim is to improve the health of African American men by addressing chronic health conditions through their trusted barbers and barbershops.



African American men are disproportionately affected by hypertension (45%), and most other chronic health conditions, largely because they are not getting recommended health screenings, preventive care, and early treatment.

Without the right care for these preventable and treatable diseases, African American men die 5 years earlier than the general population and have worse quality of life. Live Chair enhances and expands on an innovative approach successfully piloted for more than 20 years and reported in the New England Journal of Medicine—equipping and training barbers to use blood pressure monitors, during their bi-weekly haircuts, to screen their African American clients for hypertension, and refer at-risk men for treatment.

Live Chair barbers are using their contact and influence to overcome healthcare inequities that have caused gaping health disparities for African American men. Equipped with a blood pressure monitor and driven by purpose, our barbers can now empower, encourage, and enable their clients to better manage their health conditions and live a healthier life.

Live Chair barbers help their clients better manage chronic health conditions and live a healthier, happier life.

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With Andrew Suggs
Founder & CEO, Live Chair Inc

“I didn't have ‘normal’ access to my dad during crucial years of my life because he was incarcerated. Ironically, now that I have unlimited access to my father, I found out in 2018 that my father has a serious heart condition that could have been prevented.”

Andrew talks intimately about his experience and shares his purpose and motivation to achieve Live Chair’s mission.

We want healthy, enriched, and focused individuals to be pillars in our community.

With integrity and respect, we want to elevate barbers into leaders - inspiring them to be success advocates, fostering entrepreneurship and leadership, and fueling ambition into action. If you want to help Live Chair reach your community, let’s connect.

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