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What we are doing through Live Chair Health is bigger than any of us.
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Originally, we launched our platform on a simple premise: booking. We wanted nothing more than to support barbers, raising them up as the community paragons that they are and enabling them to manage their businesses more efficiently. In short, we were imbuing smarter technology into barbershops. That has not changed. We are still imbuing smarter technology into barbershops, developing and maintaining a booking and appointment management platform that barbers can count on.

We want to do more than that, though. At Live Chair Health, we are taking our booking and appointment management platform and repositioning it. We are leveraging our platform and the brand we have built through the original Live Chair app to encourage and inspire barbers and their clients to become more aware of their health, catching signs of heart issues by checking their blood pressure and discussing other potential issues. This requires no extra cost and no extra time of the clients, many of whom have likely not seen a doctor in years.

We understand that our solution is unconventional. The way that we see it, that is what makes it so intriguing. Unconventional as it may be, it makes sense. In our community, the barbershop is where you can speak your mind, unload your shoulders, and talk about what is going on in your life. It is a place for conversations. These conversations may not have normally included blood pressure and health indicators before, but it is not so great a leap from the personal conversations that are happening.

By equipping barbers with tools for checking blood pressure, BMI, and HRA, Live Chair Health is championing an assertive strategy to support African-American men’s long-term health. There is a clear opportunity here, and if you look back to Baltimore in the 1980s, you will see that this concept has worked in the past. It is already working for us too: more than 15,000 people have used Live Chair to get a haircut, we are operational in twenty states, and Bloomberg, Essence, and local Baltimore outlets have run features about us.

We are confident that our solution can make a difference. From the sanctuaries that they are to the holistic care centers that they can be, barbershops are the places that we have chosen for our quiet revolution – one that aims to close the life expectancy gap for African-American men once and for all.