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The best set of tools to elevate to the next level.

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Scheduling & booking

You know your time is valuable, so let’s show them how you do it. Live Chair is the scheduling and booking app you can rely on. You’ve got this.

Schedule & availability settings

Direct online booking

Customizable notifications and alerts

Personal time and break management

Eliminate interruptions, focus on what matters, and enjoy what you do.
Lead the way

Relationship management

Have all your clients in one, easy location and communicate with confidence. All you do is win!

In-app messaging

Booking history and client notes for that personal touch

Appointment and re-booking reminders

Marketing broadcast tool

Lead the conversation, build relationships, earn their loyalty.
Real-Life Entrepreneur

business management

Have the tools to fill empty seats and take your productivity to the next level. This is what momentum feels like.

Easy to read booking stats and metrics that matter (clients, cuts, cancellations, cash)

Automatic reminders and cancellation policy

Sales tracking and growth trends

Generated 1099 tax form

Increase success and decrease stress.

let your clippers do the talking.

You've got more important things to do.

No need to take calls or texts to book an appointment. Focus on the client in your chair.

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How it works

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Bring all your clients to the app, connect, and start cutting!

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Confidently run your business on the app and watch them follow you.

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Master your business and make time for what matters.

“Live Chair made it so much easier for my clients to book... I love it. Life is much simpler.

My appointments are much easier to manage and customers find the app simple to use. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to build their business the right way. Thank you for being there when I needed you."

Lawrence Wright

Licensed Barber & Shop Owner

“Signing up with Live Chair & implementing it into my business has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career as a barber.

I love it and so do my clients. No more having to stop during a service to answer a text, so I can concentrate on providing the best service to my client in the chair."


Master Barber

"I'm not a slave to my job anymore. I can create time for my kids, church, and family.

I love this app! I take my breaks, and don't deal with early and late phone calls anymore. I just have a good flow through the day!"

Natanael Villalona

Licensed Barber

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