Head of Operations and Program Management

Job Description

Live Chair Health (LCH) is a pioneering digital health venture that is remedying minority health disparities, by improving health outcomes, healthcare costs and quality of care.  LCH is addressing this dual racial equity and healthcare transformation mission by connecting ethnic minorities to recommended, covered healthcare providers and services through the trusted relationships, familiar places and pleasant routines of the barbershop, hair salon and places of worship.   


We are looking for a VP / Head of Operations and Program Management who can lead the implementation, operationalization and optimization of programs designed to achieve key objectives for commercial partners.  These programs involve onboarding, equipping, training, supporting and rewarding community partners (the staff in barbershops, salons and churches) so that they can get their clients or congregants to perform certain health-related activities. These activities are intended to help remedy the health disparities of this minority population, help the commercial partner better manage their relationship with that same audience, and add value to partnering barbershop/salon owners, hair professionals and ministers, and their clients and congregants.  The success of these programs will generate recurring revenues to enable the rapid, capital-efficient scaling of the business, so it can achieve its ambitious goal of becoming the “front door to healthcare providers and services for people of color.”  


The role, which reports to the CEO, will help with the sales and marketing of, and be fully responsible for the delivery, refinement and ongoing management of, LCH programs for commercial partners.  Those commercial partners will span the healthcare ecosystem, including: 

  • government payers (CMS, Medicaid, Medicare), 
  • commercial health plans, 
  • healthcare systems, 
  • government entities (i.e. state departments of health), 
  • other digital health ventures seeking to reach minorities.  


The role will support the VP / Head of Commercial Partnerships and Revenue Growth with designing and selling LCH programs for corporate partners.  After a commercial partnership agreement is signed, this role will direct and be hands-on involved with all stages of the program: development or adaptation; implementation; staffing; refinement; management; and renewal. As the portfolio of partnerships grows, the role will be responsible for building and scaling a high performing team to support this growth.


Importantly, the role will work cross-functionally, collaborating with the VP / Head of Commercial Partnerships and Revenue Growth and other LCH colleagues across different functional areas including sales, marketing, product, technology, etc.  The ideal candidate is therefore a dynamic team player who will thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial atmosphere and who has a passion for Live Chair Health’s mission.

What You'll Do

  • Support the VP / Head of Commercial Partnerships and Revenue Growth in designing and selling new programs that meet the key objectives of prospective commercial partners.  Help LCH rapidly grow its revenue-generating business from an expanding base of commercial partners.  
  • Help develop, manage and retain revenue-generating commercial partnerships to help grow Live Chair Health across the healthcare system ecosystem 
  • Understand the goals and measures of success of each new commercial partner, and then work to develop or adapt a version of the LCH program that delivers what that partner needs.
  • Take co-ownership of, adapt and refine the LCH program so that it is being continually improved and made more valuable for each existing and prospective commercial partner.  
  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring, training, management & development of the staff who will perform the hands-on duties of these programs.  
  • Work closely with cross-functional colleagues including Commercial Partnerships, sales, marketing, product, technology, finance to ensure a coordinated and successful approach to program development, launch and management.
  • Act as the company champion and thought leader of the development and implementation of tactics and strategies to optimize LCH’s program execution and management.  Achieve company wide operational excellence.
  • Become essential to fellow LCH leaders by building and scaling a superior, high-performing operations team.  

Must Haves

  • 5+ years experience in operations management or related functions, especially within related industries (healthcare, digital health, consumer services, etc.) Record of consistently exceeding goals
  • A confident and eloquent communicator; a practical problem-solver; a roll-up-the-sleeves implementer; a relatable and motivational team leader; a detail-oriented but big-picture-focused project manager; a win-win collaborator.  
  • Someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment, is flexible and has high energy to get work done.
  • A skilled operator who can understand complex business challenges and turn them into impactful, scalable, win-win  solutions.
  • A team player who represents the Live Chair Health mission and values internally and externally
  • Someone who manages time and prioritizes effectively to meet deadlines and partner expectations
  • A passion for and desire to learn and speak about health equity, healthcare innovation, well-being, minority community-building

What We Offer

  • Being part of a mission-driven company that’s truly making a difference in the lives of people of color
  • Ability to develop within the company and shape our growth strategy
  • A competitive compensation package, with equity
  • A high-profile, media-friendly, big-upside venture serving a dual mandate -- to do well while doing good

Our Mission

The mission of Live Chair Health is to improve the health and extend the lives of people of color.  African Americans die five years earlier than the rest of the population, and many other ethnic minorities live in poor health, primarily due to chronic diseases, like hypertension, diabetes, COPD, and now COVID.  

Those chronic diseases can be prevented, managed or treated, if a person can be helped with their health habits, and get the right healthcare services from the right medical professional.  But too often, African Americans and other ethnic minorities don’t have access to those health services and medical professionals.  

Rather than requiring people of color to go into the traditional healthcare system, Live Chair Health is bringing healthcare services to the places and habits in people’s lives.  Live Chair Health incorporates recommended healthcare services -- like health screenings, preventive care and support for healthy behaviors -- into the pleasant routine of getting a hair service in a familiar barbershop/salon from a trusted barber/stylist.  

And by doing that, Live Chair helps improve health outcomes, optimize healthcare utilization & costs, and improve the quality of care.  That creates value for all stakeholders -- hair professionals, their clients, medical professionals, the healthcare system, and the health plan.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@livechair.co.